How do I join?

The Texas A&M Gymnastics Team is a club sport. We encourage all levels of gymnastics, from first-timer to Elite, to learn and practice in a safe and friendly environment. There is no full time coach present in the gym. However, many of our officers and members are USAG safety certified and several have coaching backgrounds. There will always be a minimum of one safety certified individual in the gym during scheduled workout hours. The only thing that we require is that you are a Texas A&M student taking at least 6 hours.



Is there anything I need to do before I work out in the gym?

Yes! First things first, we care about your safety! You will need to fill out the AOR & Standard of Conduct form

After you have done this, there are dues that go along with the sport. Each student has 3 options to pay for their gym membership. Membership dues are $120 per year or $85 per semester. Individual passes are also available for $5 per visit. Membership dues help to offset the cost of meet entry fees, equipment maintenance, and facility costs.

Once you have done these things, you're good to practice during our scheduled practice times!



When can I practice?

You can only practice in our facility during the listed practice times below. These are subject to change due to competition season and University closures.

Workout Hours:

Monday / Wednesday          7 - 10 pm
Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday                 6 - 9 pm

Want to leave us Feedback?

Click the link below to offer us feedback on the team, any of the officers or give us a suggestion! We appreciate any constructive feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

More Questions? Feel free to email any of our officers!