Home Meet
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Home Meet

Our home meet is fast approaching! It will be split into two sections, with Level 8 Women in the first session, and Level 9 Women and Men in the second. Stay tuned for more specific details on our Facebook page!



Current Member:

    Set Up
    - Friday, January 26th - 5pm until finished
    - We will meet inside the gym and start prepping the equipment to take into the big gym. We won't move into the big gym until 6 pm!
    - We will have assignments for each person on the day of set up. If you have a specific event you know really well and would like to help with, let me know!

    • Tear Down
      - Saturday, January 27th - immediately after the meet!
      - There are also chairs that we rent from Party Time that we will need help returning, so even though the gym will be put back together we will need help with those as well!
    • The Meet!
      - 2 Sessions - Capital Cup
      - Level 8 - 9:30 am
      - Level 9 & Men - 1:30 pm
      - You must work at the session that you are not competing in! Please be there an hour before each session starts to help with set up. So Level 9 and Men will need to be at the meet by 8:30 and Level 8 will need to start soon after they finish competing.
      - A google doc will be sent at the beginning of the semester to sign up for specific jobs!
    • Set Up, Tear Down, and working during the opposite session is REQUIRED. If you do not show up for these things, you will be fined. If you are sick, have an injury, or have an exam, let me know ASAP.
    • If you are in an organization that people need volunteering hours, let us know and we can put them to work! Emily or I will sign off on any paperwork if needed.
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